iF Design Trend Report 2023

iF Design Trend Report 2023

Globalized, networked and dynamic – hardly any other time in history has been so marked by upheaval, sudden global crises and complex innovations as the present day. There is a steady stream of trends and countertrends, which have an impact on one another.

This year's iF Design Trend Report helps in the discovery of innovation potentials and provides designers with ideas and orientation. But, most importantly, it shows this: the allegedly wicked problems of the present day are often tackled with great curiosity, innovative spirit and high levels of efficiency when it comes to finding solutions. Many new and creative strategies have already been developed and can also be transferred to other areas of application. For every trend that is observed, there are numerous products and services that have exemplarily demonstrated which strategies and solution approaches are pivotal for today’s challenges.

For the second time, iF is cooperating with the Zukunftsinstitut in Frankfurt, putting current product developments, the influence of design disciplines on each other, and social and megatrends in relation to each other.

Six Megatrends

Thanks to digital technologies, we are more connected today than we have ever been before. Now that the real and the digital world are progressively merging, new space for innovation with regard to the design of hybrid living environments is being created.

Silver Society
The widely varying impacts of the shift in demographics towards an ageing society presents us with huge challenges – but also opens up great opportunities for a new sociocultural vitality. An inclusive understanding of design guarantees quality of life – at any age.

As a result of the pandemic, our understanding of health has evolved from an individual endeavor into an overall societal task. Although health continues to be a lifestyle component, the focus is on shaping an environment which can ensure the welfare of all as much as possible.

iF Design Trend Report 2023_FORM Smart swim goggles and app
iF Design Trend Report 2023 - Hyundai MobED

As intersections of the globalized world society, cities function as workshops of innovation for social justice, innovative technologies and new forms of living together.

The world of mobility is in transition: digitalization, the shift to renewable energy and new lifestyles are driving a wave of innovation that is giving rise to all kinds of new services and offerings. But it isn’t just the vehicles themselves that are adapting. The structures around them are also becoming adaptive, sustainable and connected.

Neo Ecology
As it enters an ecological age, the world community is currently undergoing an economic and industrial transformation that is affecting all areas of life and society. The sustainability paradigm is changing behaviors and perspectives regarding society, culture and politics – and is fundamentally restructuring corporate policy as well as the economic system as a whole.

Here's what you'll find inside the iF Design Trend Report:

  • Focus on six important megatrends and their influence on design targets

  • Challenges and solutions for designers and companies

  • Interviews and insights from international design experts

  • Statistics and international Best-Practice-examples of products, projects and services

  • Insights from the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023

iF Design Trend Report 2023

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iF Design Trend Report 2023

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