132 renowned design experts from over 20 countries make up this year’s iF jury panel. Their task: Find and award the best designs of the world – and perhaps discover the next rising stars. Every year, we work on building an even more prestigious and multifaceted design jury.

All Jurors since 1954
Brilliant designers from all over the world: Discover all jury members since day one.

iF DESIGN AWARD Jury: Behind the Scenes
What do we look for in our jurors? And where do we find them? Check our sneak peak!

Prestige and Quality in Balance
Find out more about one of the biggest and most international design jurys in the world!


Our jury process is based on a redesigned jury structure. Chairpersons will guide all jury groups. The Chairpersons are higly experienced design experts and jurors, helping, overseeing and securing the whole evaluation process. They are passionate advocates for transparency and objectivity: only the quality of a design determines the results of the award. They are appointed for three years - get to know them below:


Design is changing and so should the jury: iF Design puts much effort into finding a high profile international jury. We proudly believe, that only a well balanced design excellence jury makes for more interesting discussions, more profound decisions, and helps avoid unconscious cultural biases.

The jury’s task is to provide all participants with the most in-depth feedback possible on the quality of their submission. Each juror will enter his or her detailed assessment of each entry into the iF Digital Jury Tool©, which will then be available to the participant.

This is the iF Jury Panel 2024