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Service Design Principles: Creating Experiences

Most of the western world live a life of abundance: Too much information, too many ideas, concepts, opportunities and offerings. With AI and other digital developments, especially Service and UX Designers worldwide face even more challenges. Read what our experts say about the perfect experience.

As for customers and companies alike: It is always good to know the real needs, to be taken by the hand and to take by the hand. This is why Service Design is getting more and more important every day: Now more than ever, companies, who do not want to be left behind, need to adopt a radical focus on user needs.

This growing focus on the user and customer is what we, at iF, have noticed as well: The entries for the iF DESIGN AWARD for the young discipline of service design are growing!

We talked to experts on their turn on the topic, we show the best of the best in this discipline and give you some service as well: With the best pages on the topic and our five steps to the perfect service design experience!

Oliver Gerstheimer
"For service designers, it's important to internalize that a holistic service system is completely and freely designable and configurable – both analog and digital."

Best Practice: Service Design at iF DESIGN AWARD 2023

"Service Design" is one of the most exciting disciplines every year in the iF DESIGN AWARD. As the number of entries grew over the years, so did the quality. From digital to real life services: We are impressed how innovative user-centric design can be! See below our best practice examples: the most recent iF gold honors.

iF Gold Award 2023: Câmbio Verde: Recycling and Food Security Service

Câmbio Verde is a program run by the city of Curitiba, in Brazil, which exchanges recyclable materials for surplus food produced locally. However, it does not reach in depth the inefficiency of selective waste collection, the inadequate disposal, the growth of food insecurity and the high waste in food production. Read more.


This service uses a phone to assess cognitive decline, the signs of which are difficult for the suffered person, and even for their family and colleagues to notice. A user only needs to make a phone call and answers only two questions (20 sec.) to check cognitive ability. Read more.

Five Principles of Good Service Design White Paper: Free Download

„'Holistic design' is one of the major components of Service Design“, says iF Juror Oliver Gerstheimer, founder and CEO of chilli mind – a think tank for Digital System Design and UX Design Innovations. He has been also a key speaker and expert on various events and lectures on Design Thinking, Customer Experience and Service Design since 2001.

There is probably no other discipline, that is harder to differentiate – even for professionals in the field. Though, it is no question of definition only. It is a question of what good Service Design is – we asked him about his personal day-to-day principles when “designing a service or service strategy”.

White Paper "Five Principles of Good Service Design"


Video: Prof. Birgit Mager on Service Design

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